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1,How to turn on the device?
* Hold the button in device for over 3 seconds, if the led light is flashing for 3~4 times, that means it is turned on successfully.
2,How to know whether the device is turned on?
* Click the button in device, if the led light flashed for 1~2 times, the device is already turned on.
3,Why can not search or connect device successfully?
* Please turn on both Bluetooth and Location(GPS).
* Bluetooth is not working properly, please restart bluetooth.
* You have already pair the device in Bluetooth settings, please unpair it.
* Device is too far from the phone, please put it close to the phone while app is searching device.
4,Why the app need so many permissions?
* Bluetooth: App is using bluetooth to connect device and keep connection all the time. It calculate distance by bluetooth.
* Location: App will record where you lost/found your device.
* Camera: You can take photo of your device which is attached on your valuables, to set the avatar of that device.
* Photo album: You can select a photo from photo album to set the device avatar.
5,Does the app cost much power since it always locate position in background?
* Yes, it cost some power, but Android system has improve its logic in background while we are using gps to locate.
* You can close app if you are sure your valuables are in safe condition.
6,I am using 3 tags to protect my valuables. Can I turn off alert for only one of them?
* Yes, you can click switch button in the device list, to turn on/off its phone's alert. This alert is triggered when tag is too far than preset distance or bluetooth connection is broken.
7,Why the app does not alert when distance exceeds preset range or even the bluetooth connection is broken?
* Please accept all permissions required by the app.
* Enable app running in background in settings.
* In MIUI system for XiaoMi/RedMi phone, please find the 'Battery saver' option of app, change to 'No restrictions' from 'MIUI battery saver'.